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Welcome to Our Website!

The Ltd. located in Debrecen has been operating since 16th May 1994 in Balmazújváros at a hired premise. Our main function was the trade of fuel and building material which was improving continuously after the first difficulties. In the hope of a fructify future of the company the Ltd. purchased the previously hired 2,2 hectare territory. The next few years we were working with 15-20 employees.

In 1996 according to the demand of the market we started to deal with wood industry. Due to the constant development we can fulfill all kinds of requirement such as sawn timber, pallet or fabrication of timber in unique size.

In 1998 we expanded our profile with agricultural services. We harvest the green bean, sweet and hybrid corn and dry bean in the East from the Danube. According to the demand of the high quality work we changed our machines in favour of our partners, in this way we brought the first Ploeger green bean harvester in the country. From 1999 we are dealing with the trade of these machines. According to the agreement with the Ploeger Machines Bv. we are the exclusive Hungarian distributor of those machines that are repurchased by the company or used. We started the distribution of the Oxbo, Byron and Pixall harvesters. Our partners provide all the necessary replacements to our clients and our own machines.

In 2001 we broadened the wood industry with carpentering works where we manufacture the joinery products necessary for the building operations (strip floor, wainscot, fence, trimmed roofing).

In 2003 we created the building industry branch. Presently, we work with 12 employees and built-up sub-contractors mainly in Balmazújváros and its surroundings. According to external orders we deal with general design and reconstruction of dwelling- houses and industrial estates as main- and sub-contractors.

In the same year we started to built a 1500m2 garage and machine store, which provides covered storage, modernization and reparation (with or without warranty) of agricultural machines. We achieved the building with the help of our own employees.

Since 2004 due to our main building-material supplier, the GSV Ltd., we became partner of HufBau procurement association, which guarantees high quality and favourable prices to our clients. We started to trade with mixer concrete which we can deliver to the required place with our pump mixers.

In 2005 we opened our public gas oil station and we started the distribution of gas oil and grease supplied by the OMV.

With the accession of Hungary to the European Union the legal agreements specified the storage of the slurry to be obligatory according to the environmental regulations. Regarding the Hungarian conditions and possibilities, during the spring of 2005 we broadened our activities and we established the slurry utilization business branch. We offer the most economic slurry utilization technology to our clients including grout, tank design and construction, mechanization and general constructions of biogas plants. In connection with this technology we offer the world famous Vervaet, Joskin, Permastore and Redrock products to the agricultural producers. Certainly, we provide the necessary fittings and factorial background.

The higher level of services of the company and continuous developments required more staff. At present we have 40-80 employees in four main fields:
  • 1,Fuel-, and building material trade
  • 2,Building industry design and construction
  • 3,Agricultural service, trade of fittings and machines
  • 4,Slurry utilization and biogas technology

According to our plans for the future we would like to make our services to be well-known in the entire country, so that is the reason why we have created a net of our regional managers. Among our further aims we have the improvement and expansion of our premise and construction of building industrial work.

With all of our specialised knowledge and expertise we are intent to provide you modern, environment-friendly and economically cheap materials, machines and technology. Hope to fulfill your requirements..

In the hope of further cooperation :

  Lajos Hodosi
  Managing Director